no-heard-only= only includes birds identified by sight.

How do I enter my list totals?

AT stands for All Territories & Provinces Added Together, and is determined by adding one’s life lists for each of Canada’s provinces and territories, 13 areas in all, whether or not you have reached the reporting threshold in all (or any) of them.

TT (Total Ticks) is the same principle, but on a wider scale. It includes all the states, provinces, and territories that lie within the ABA Area (thereby excluding Hawaii, but including Washington DC and the French islands of St. Pierre et Miquelon, which are in the ABA Area).


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Yard list stands at 310 bird species, 3rd highest known in nation. Also huge lep and ode lists, and [...]

BA (black armored), strap, original box and leather case. Lightly used. Optics in excellent like-new [...]

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